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donderdag 19 mei 2016

VoxVote newsletter - 2016Q2 - Question and Answer Module (Chat)

In VoxVote, a new module is added: Question and Answer module for messaging between audience and the event organizer.


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The Voice of Your Audience


Dear VoxVote Marketing you can now use our Question and Answer messaging module.


Imagine this..

An event with 120 persons in the audience. You are enjoying the event, and suddenly the host asks: Are there any questions from our attendees?



Are there any questions from our attendees?

You do have a very good question, but there are many reasons why your question will not be heard in public:


  • Wait, let see if another person will ask my same question
  • I don't want to stand up or have to talk through a microphone
  • I'm introvert and a bit shy
  • I would like to share my question or comments, but prefer to share it anonymous
  • Another reason, you might recognize in these awkward situations for you.


For whatever reason you have, it's a lost opportunity for both sides. You as an event organizer don't know the hidden questions in your audience. And your attendees might want to share something with you without yelling, to stand up or another way of sharing his opinion with his voice.


That's why we create this new messaging module, with moderator function. 



    This is the new situation:

    Within a VoxVote session, use the blue button 'Ask Question", to ask a question, read the answers from the moderator or share your thoughts.

    Some examples:


    Self triggered questions 

    • The video just showed had some great music with it. Can you share the name of the music, or share the YouTube link.
    • On slide 2 of the presentation, the abbreviation TTIP was used. I can't understand the link between TTIP and this conference.


    Answers to questions:

    • Which city?  In which city should we organize next year event?  Please share your thought with the blue question button, and explain why we should go there.

      • ?Barcelona, great city on the beach
      • Amsterdam, we can cycle between locations
      • Delhi, most of us are from India
      • Sydney, to visit our main suppliers
      • Houston, remember 2014!
    • Win a prize! On a sweepstake or lottery. Do you want to win the goody bag at the end of this event? Enter your name or contact information and we pick 3 winners to collect the prize at the end of the event.

    Read more



    Moderate & Export

    Moderate: Within VoxVote Designer the moderator can screen all incoming questions and messages. Clean them, answer them or mark them relevant for full screen display. 

    Export: Do you want to use all the data for later analysis? You can export the data with 1 click to a .csv file. And you can also combine the message data with the answers from the normal VoxVote questions.


    Here's a preview from the Moderator screen. 



    Did you also know.....

    • Educational users are 100% free, also with all the paid options. See our terms.
    • You can share bought credits within multiple accounts within your organization? So you buy 12 credits (Silver) and with minimum portion of 4 you can share with collegues. So you pay once on a invoice, and have the discount benefit.
    • A custom URL for live voting is possible for you company? For example: https://acme.voxvote.com  

      Contact us if you want a quote.
    • We also have ranked questions as an option, on top of our normal multiple choice and single questions.
    • The Quiz option also now have a nickname option.


    Login now with your account and test all new functionalities.

    Lost your password? No worries, we sent you a reset link. The email address registered on your account is already prefilled in. 




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      On behalf of the VoxVote team in the Netherlands and Chandigarh India: Happy Voting!

      Vincent van Witteloostuyn

      VoxVote founder


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      4811 CP Breda





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